The Environment

Gorell Painting and Decorating is conscious of the environment and the impact that our industry can have. That is why we are sure to dispose of any remnants properly in order to minimize our footprint.

Paint cans that are empty or completely dried can be disposed of in your household garbage. However, if you have paint leftover, you need to dispose of it in an alternate manner. Your options include buying a paint hardener in order to solidify the remaining paint, or using something such as kitty litter to dry it out. Or, you can simply utilize one of your local drop off locations at your local recycling depot or landfill. Check online to see if a location near you accepts your product.

But, a much more economical and environmental approach is to use your leftovers! Whether you have a small project that can use a fresh coat of paint, or you choose to donate to a charity, school, or church – using it up is always a better solution to disposing of leftover product.


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